Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Your Uninstaller" Guide

Your Uninstaller is a tool that help you to Uninstall your program (download here if you don't have). We know that windows have default uninstaller. So what the useful of this program?
Software that you install in Windows usually have temporary files or/and registry installed too. Default Windows Uninstaller not as deep as Your Uninstaller, what does it mean?
It mean if you uninstall program using default windows uninstaller , the uninstalled program registry is still inside your regedit. So windows uninstaler is best choice to solve that.
I will give some guide to maximize this tool.
1. Setting your "Your Uninstaller"
a. Go to "Tools" and choose "Options"
b. Then choose "match Level"
Here you can set how deep Your Uninstaller scan the registry, choose "Average".
Now you can uninstall program more clean than using standard uninstall.
2. Hunter Mode
What is "Hunter Mode"? It can uninstall your program just drag and drop your program.
3. Delete your private file using "File Shredder"
We know that your private deleted file can be restore easily with recovery tool, use this tool to delete your file permanently so it can't be restore.
4. Use "AutoFix"
"AutoFix" can automatically scan your invalid installation and removed unused files.

And there are more tools inside Your Uninstaller, I just show you the main function of this tool.


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