Thursday, April 07, 2011

Create Blog With Artisteer

Just want to share, there is a great application named Artisteer that can create blogger, joomla, wordpress in easy step. You can customize with your own style. Combine with Corel and Photoshop skill will be better to create pro design.
Here some sample :
Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

  • Create blog in easy step
  • There is suggest design, so you can choose one to another to get some inspiration
  • There is great tutor how to create template with this tool
  • Some gadget with marquee effect or scroll bar become error
  • Some gadget with flash effet become error
  • You can't save your work because if you would open your work next time, it will reset
  • The general script for blogger is not all work with template create with this tool
My blog create with artisteer too, how about you?
If you want create with this tool, YOU MUST VISIT HERE FOR THE TRICK 
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