Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ObjectDock Plus 2 Full

Want to changes your taskbar like Macintosh? This tool may help you. Object dock version 2.0 support windows 7.
What's new in ObjectDock 2.0
Mouse over features below to see them in action
  • Brand new UI and easier to use menus
  • Brand new bundled backgrounds
  • Icon reflections
  • Background blur-behind*
  • Windows 7 support
  • System tray filtering
  • Drastically improved background browser
  • Icon-transparency setting, with new 'ghost mode'
  • 64 bit support for system-tray icons, start menu docklet
  • Ability to quickly rearrange/detach tabs on docks
  • New tags, including new "TrueStretch" drawing mode
  • New weather module, with increased reliability and built in location-search
  • Fixed long list of bugs and glitches as reported by users
 Tabbed Dock




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