Friday, February 18, 2011

Undervolt Acer 4540 - Turion m520

Hi, I'am going to undervolt my laptop with k10stat. Undervolt is different with underclock, with undervolt your computer performance will not decrease or increase, on the other word, this tool doesn't impact your performance. So what the uses? It used to decrease voltage of your processor.
If you apply this on your laptop, you can get more long battery life.
Here my laptop specification:
  1. Amd Turion II X2 m520
  2. Windows Xp sp 2 64bit
  3. Ram 2 Gb
And this is my setting :

Remember, get your own setting with trial and error. If you set the voltage to low or high, your laptop would BSOD and restart automatically. This is normal, after restart k10stat setting will back to normal, and you can choose again until stable. Decrease the voltage one step from standard, and continue if BSOD doesn't happen. You can test your new setting with orthos program(this tool can bring your processor to work hard on top) and hardware monitor (to check how hot your processor work hard).
Actually there is software from Amd called Amd Overdrive that the function same with k10stat, but I prefer k10stat one because the UI is very simple, and very easy for me..

Untuk panduan dalam bahasa Indonesia silahkan datang kesini
Download K10Stat Here :


  1. hasilnya gimana gan?? suhu2nya setelah undervolt berapa

  2. Lumayan gan jadi 46-47 an buat ngetik..kalo cuma ngetik2 pake yang paling kecil 800-800..dijamin irit dah tu laptop daripada g di undervolt..
    Di Catalyst yg ver 11 ada fitur kayak gini gan, jadi compatible ma win 7..
    kalo agan make k10stat di windows 7 harus matiin yg power manajemen ato apa itu namanya g tahu,hehehe..
    Semoga bermanfaat


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