Thursday, May 05, 2011

Anim Mod 1.1 For Android

Animations include:
Stock Android
Blur Animations
Drop In
Fly in & Flip
Fly In

Anim Mod changes the system framework files without touching your theme so if you constantly switch from ROM to ROM you can always get the animation you prefer the best.

Before changing animations you should make sure that you are rooted. Anim Mod also needs busybox but if you don't have it Anim Mod will install it for you.

  • What's in this version:
  • Option to have random animations (enable in settings)
  • Progress bar for animation downloads
  • Added check/install for busybox
  • Fixed bugs with some ROMs/devices not applying animations Some still may not work. Please send a logcat with device and  ROM name for possible future support CyanogenMod 7.
  • Redid a lot of code for performanceSmall UI enhancements
Download Link :


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