Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Norton Partition Magic 8.0.5 Full

Norton PartitionMagic 8.0 includes the following new features:
  • New user interface – Makes PartitionMagic easier to navigate.
  • Large partition support – Enables management of partitions up to 300 GB when the partition is less than 90% full. Larger hard drives may require additional memory.
  • File browser – Makes it possible to browse the contents of a partition or copy, move, and rename files and folders from within PartitionMagic.
  • Running multiple operating systems – BootMagic has been enhanced, so it can be installed on a FAT or FAT32 partition on any hard disk. PQBoot for Windows has been added, enabling you to boot into an alternate operating system from Windows and return to the standard operating system on the next reboot.
  • Ability to resize clusters on NTFS partitions – Reclaims lost performance that can result from converting a FAT32 partition to NTFS as part of an operating system upgrade. Larger clusters can also reduce the rate of fragmentation.
  • Installing Another Operating System wizard – Includes built-in information so more of the operations are automated when you are preparing your system to run multiple operating systems. Also includes information you can print to help you with the part of the process that is not directly tied to PartitionMagic.
  • Create Backup Partition wizard – Helps you create a partition for backup data files.
  • Flash tutorial – Introduces partitioning concepts and provides an overview of the tasks you can complete with PartitionMagic.

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